Off The Field

Being in Hawkins isn’t all about kitting up and fighting battles or doing marches. When we’re not on the battlefield or doing anything official, the regiment are usually off being social somewhere on the campsite! We often think of ourselves not just as a regiment or a group of people, but as a family of friends as well.


At musters, there’s often a beer tent put on for Sealed Knot members to enjoy and catch up with friends across the Society, but on top of this there are always a number of us enjoying a drink around our camping area, or getting involved with some activity or another! When a member of the regiment has a birthday or a stag/hen night to celebrate then we’ll be there to help! Throw in a random conversation or six and the evening’s underway!

We’ve also got a few football fans in the regiment so if there’s a match on TV and no events on that day they can usually be found in the nearest pub watching the match.


Outside of official Sealed Knot events, we have a number of other things on to keep everyone in touch – here’s some of the things we do:


  • Regimental pub meets – usually held in Old Basing, these are simply a good catch up and social session, and a chance to get everyone together to discuss any pressing regimental matters such as upcoming events or kit.
  • Christmas Meal – while a lot of regiments have 17th century style banquets over the festive period, we like to go for a more 21st Century approach and get everyone together for good food and drink, and a festive celebration!
  • Overseas/Non SK Events: at the time the English Civil Wars raged, the 30 Years War was still ongoing in Europe – there are events linked to this and Hawkins frequently have members who go over to Bourtange and Grolle in Holland to take part in re-enactments there. There are other events in the UK not connected to the Sealed Knot which members also have the option to sign up to, such as pirate and smuggler events in Dorset.


Check out our page of profiles to find out more about what some of our members do when they’re not on the field or at a muster.