Living History

If you don't want to take part in the battles, or even if you do but also want to interact with the public then taking part in a living history encampment is for you.

We have a thriving living history section within the regiment, most of who also take a role on the battlefield, (drummer, musket or pike).


The living history camp is separate from the 21st century camping and usually forms a backdrop to the battlefield.  Most members spend the entire weekend in the camp as it is often the only place allowed to have camp fires.  You will be expected to have the correct equipment and dress, as the public can walk the camp before, during and after the battle.  It also helps to research and take on a role within the camp (soldier, scribe, cobbler).  These roles are often developed over a period of time.


Although you are in the public gaze for most of the day it can be very rewarding especially if like to communicate.