What's It All About?

If you join Hawkins you will have the opportunity to try your hand at several different roles within the Sealed Knot.
You could become a pikeman (yes, even the ladies are pikemen).
How about trying your hand at musket?
Perhaps you could relay the officers' orders and help the soldiers march in time as a drummer.
We always need people to form part of the baggage train as followers, supplying much needed water on the battlefield and tending the injured.
Could you see yourself camping in a 17th century style campsite - even teaching the public the skills of the day, immersing yourself in the past? Living History might be for you...
But why choose? Plenty of people take in different roles at different times and the Living History camp is open the combatants too.
Even if everyone in the family doesn't want to take a role on the field, there is an active social side of the hobby off the battlefield and let's face it...everybody likes to dress up!
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